Here’s Why A Great Web Design Is Important

With all the talk about digital marketing such as through search engine optimization on major search engines such as Google, here we move on to the next component of web marketing which is equally important – a highly converting website design. (If you do not know how to design a great website, please find a professional web design company in Singapore to help you do it instead).

What constitutes a great website design?

– First of all, your website’s colors and design should be highly in-line with the type of branding your company has. For instance, if you are a fast food company, you want your business website to give off a fresh and fast feeling and the colors and designs you use should show that off. If you are a business-to-business (b2b) Internet security company or something like that, then you want to be very formal with colors and use comforting and ‘safe’ colors such as dark blue. This is to give people a sense of security when they look at your website design. Color psychology is extremely important in terms of branding a business website.

– Secondly, do not just list facts on your website, tell a story. Make it compelling. Make people want to work with you. Your website is your best salesperson as combined with SEO, you can have it work 24/7 and don’t even have to pay any form of 401k or CPF payment for it. Make sure to sell your unique selling proposition well. Ensure that your about page is also engaging and sincere and does not sound clinical. Make it sound like there is a person talking to the website visitors so that these people will feel compelled to make their purchase with your business instead of any other Singapore company competitors.

– There should be a very clear call to action. Without asking users or visitors on your website to take any kind of actions you’re wasting your money on your website design. It is essential to convert all of these visitors into your paying customers – that’s the point of business and your website. The conversion rate of this call to action is also known as conversion optimization / marketing and it is important to know how to optimize this as well so that you can get the most out of your increased web traffic as a result of SEO.

– Your website design should be responsive – i.e. fits the screens of all mobile and desktop devices perfectly so that the user interface looks great for everyone and converts as many people across as many digital and tech platforms as possible into paying customers.

If all of the above sounds too confusing for you then simply look to hire a web design company in Singapore. That is the reason why there are such web design company in Singapore – to help confused business owners such as you with your whole web design package so that you never have to worry about it at all.

SEO Prices In Singapore And Around The World

Before you go off and decide to hire a SEO firm in Singapore, I feel you should read the following infographics to get a better idea of SEO costing around the world.

After reading the following infographic you should get a better idea of the different ways Singapore SEO companies charge their clientele base. Some are project based, but most are either per hour or for a monthly retainer fee (by far the most cost efficient and most popular method).

SEO infographic

As you can see, there are a lot of different pricing models which most SEO companies around the world charges. Hence do not be shocked when you hear different types of quotes from different SEO consultants even in Singapore alone.

Now the question comes, which type of pricing should you go for?

Here’s what I suggest:

If your business website is doing well the whole time but suddenly took a hit in terms of search engine rankings and you cannot find out why, it is better to first bring on an hourly or one time charge SEO consultant to help you look and find out what is / are the reason(s) behind your sudden change in rankings. Sometimes it could just be a silly mistake made by your employee such as changing the title or description of the website without realizing it.

If your corporate website has never ranked well on Google search engine, then you may want to bring on a monthly retainer SEO company Singapore to help you rank well versus your other competitors in Singapore. In the long run, such a good retainer and top SEO company in Singapore is really cheap compared to any other form of consulting work.

In short, there are several types of pricing you may face when it comes to getting SEO services in Singapore and the key is not to necessarily go for the lowest cost one, but to go for the one that suits your requirements most. SEO is an investment you put into your business to get you sales and position you as the market leader (yes, people have attributed top rankings to a website being a market leader in their niche).

Digital Marketing For Businesses

As the Internet and technology is aggressively taking off, the digital age is upon us. Currently, the whole world is connected via internet. You can communicate with someone else who may be on the other side of the Earth instantaneously via an Internet connection – all of which would be impossible for most people around the globe in just less than 20 to 30 years ago. Internet is extremely high speed, and bridges the gap in communication. Every day, an increasing number of people in the world is exposed to the internet and active users start to rise too.

People access the internet for a variety of reasons, such as keeping up to date with news, friends’ updates, or for entertainment purposes. Hence, this poses an interesting platform for businesses to reach out to internet users. SEO in Singapore has developed and people are turning to Internet marketing to complement the traditional marketing channels. At the beginning, banners and pop-ups may work to direct traffic to business websites. However, this trend is dying as the results are becoming less effective as the days pass. Other forms of internet marketing is being emphasized and used now instead, such as social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

In the mid 2000s in Singapore, Internet marketing was something which was cool to do, and interesting to have for businesses. However, today, even in Singapore’s aging population, Internet marketing is a marketing tool for all businesses in Singapore and is something that all business owners must have if they want to continue to thrive and grow their business. Just like how globalization wiped out a lot of businesses in Singapore in the late 1970s, Internet has already wiped out a good chunk of profit margins and revenue for many traditional businesses in Singapore. Many people now can buy from overseas competitors at similar prices, and if you do not utilize Internet marketing Singapore along with a great unique selling proposition for your business, your Singapore business is bound to fail.

Only Engage Top SEO companies For Your Website

This is a very serious advice to anyone who is serious about promoting their websites on search engines. Do not ever engage mediocre SEO companies. They will ruin your SEO efforts and cause your website to be heavily penalised by search engines. Refer to my previous post here on how to properly choose a white hat SEO company in Singapore.

Also, as mentioned in my previous posts, a good SEO company carrying out search engine optimization in Singapore will use all the correct, ethical white-hat methods in helping your website rank high on search engines.

Some unethical black-hat methods include keyword stuffing, redirections, and spammy backlinks. Make sure that you clarify with your Singapore SEO provider that exact methods they use and show you the evidence of their search engine optimization methods used on your website. Black-hat methods may help to rank a website high on search engines fast, but they may bring the websites down very fast too. It will also leave a lasting negative effect on the website due to the penalisation by search engines.

Your website is like your online store front for your business (regardless whether you are selling product or services) and your website design is like the way your store looks like. SEO strategy is just like moving your store from the most secluded area in the basement of a shopping mall to the most popular street and getting a lot of visitors.

Do not underestimate the importance of working with a competent SEO partner as this can make all the difference. To reverse the effects of bad work will take many months and will unnecessarily slow down your business growth. Once done well and maintained by a competent Singapore SEO company, you will be able to quickly grow your revenues and expand your team and profits.

Remember to always use ethical white-hat methods and focus on the long-term results. :)

Search Engine Optimization Methods

In order to conduct an all-rounded, effective SEO strategy, one must work on various areas which make up search engine optimization. In short, these areas can be split into on site and off site SEO. On site SEO is the optimising of the website for SEO purposes. When designing and developing a website, you have got to make sure that the website is properly developed for optimal viewing experience by the viewers (this is also known as responsive web design). In addition, you have to make sure to include some technical stuff into your website to tell the search engines what your website is about, so as to rank your website higher for relevant keywords (such as title and meta description and meta tags. Yes, Google search engine algorithms pay less attention to that now but it still gives significance to it).

Thus, you should always try to get IT companies or digital marketing companies who are Singapore web design experts, with accompanying skill sets for on site SEO. They will normally offer on site SEO services (e.g. Shark Web Pte Ltd which offers both on and off page SEO) as a complementary service. However, take note here because if you engage a website designer who is not well-versed in on site SEO, you will need to do the extra work of sourcing for another IT company to do the on site SEO for you, at an extra cost.

Off site optimization, on the other hand, is the building of quality links pointing to the websites. Search engines recognize and place more emphasis on websites which are supported by other websites. They do not like standalone websites with no backlinks.

When you effectively combine both your on-site and off-site SEO, your SEO marketing strategy will yield your local Singapore business website great results and allow you to rank higher on Google search engine, allowing more visitors or highly qualified prospects to find your website and purchase from you. It is a fantastic way of acquiring customers at reasonable cost levels.

Getting SEO Services In Singapore?

There are a few IT companies and digital marketing firms in Singapore which offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. Among these small handful of companies, there is only a tiny fraction of them like SharkWeb which are actually capable of delivering effective SEO results.

No doubt, there are a lot of guidelines which have surfaced online that teach SEO methods. I would say that these are the basic guidelines for most web masters to adhere to so as to achieve a reasonable and relatively good SEO standing. However, there is bound to be some better and still ethical white hat methods to rank websites higher on search engines such as Google. These techniques are used by the better companies providing SEO services in Singapore.

How do you find those better SEO companies providing SEO services in Singapore?

Well, first of all, you need to make sure that their contracts guarantee page 1 or 2 rankings within a reasonable period (say between 3 to 6 months). A verbal guarantee is not enough as they are not held legally to their verbal promise. There are many such Indian IT companies which “guarantee” page 1 rankings but they do not put them down onto contracts. This means that they are just selling you things they may not achieve for you.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the Singapore SEO company you’re planning to engage does not have any bad reviews. Simply look around on different social media platforms to check for any exceptionally good or bad reviews about the Singapore SEO company.

Thirdly, you want to check how the SEO company is ranking for its own search terms. If a SEO company cannot even rank for its own search terms on Google, then it may not be the wisest decision to put your website ranking with them.

Another point to help the previous mentioned point (3) is to ask the company for a portfolio of websites they have performed SEO services in Singapore on. Just a handful or two websites along with the search terms that the company worked on will be more than sufficient for our purposes of choosing a good Singapore SEO company.

I hope my post has helped you. Good luck in hiring your SEO marketing partner firm!

Why SEO Is So Important

Some people feel that social media is the only and best way to market online simply because a lot of people have accounts on platforms such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c.

Not everyone understands the importance of search engine optimization. However, if you watch the above video, you will soon know the great importance of ranking high on search engines. This is because search engines such as Google are now like an extremely powerful version of the outdated Yellow Pages + Classified + Craigslist. In fact, SEO in Singapore is even more effective than social media in helping businesses in Singapore to generate sales leads or get customers.

There are several digital marketing consulting firms in Singapore, and some of the best such firms I would recommend to you, my readers, are SharkWeb and SEO Agency which are in Singapore to help you out. Of course, there are many other companies but not all are as efficient as Shark Web.

Okay, for those of you who prefer reading over watching the above video, here are some benefits that a SEO strategy will bring your company:

– Highly qualified sales leads
This is because the people or visitors who arrive on your website are already actively searching for your type of product or service on Google search engine. Hence these are people who are not browsing / window shopping online but are looking to make a purchase ASAP.

– Relatively low cost
Compared to the sky high costs of setting up a telemarketing center or outsourcing to a telemarketing company which usually charges extremely high, SEO is a much more effective way of acquiring customers in Singapore, especially with Singapore’s PDPA.

– Passive lead generation
Search engine optimization is a passive way to get in bound sales leads and potential customer contact. These visitors to your websites contact you and you do not even need to actively conduct an outreach strategy to them.

Always Engage A White Hat SEO Company

Just like how you would certainly hire only good website designers, you want to hire a good Singapore SEO company which is capable of bringing you fast results which last for the long-term.

There are basically white hat SEO methods, which are legitimate and long-term search engine optimization methods which Google has already approved of. Here are some reasons why you only want to engage firms doing white hat SEO.

  1. You would be able to see long term results which do not fluctuate much (if at all). This is because what a good SEO company does for you should be following all the rules as dictated by Google consistently and this results in great ranking.
  2. You never have to worry about getting penalized because you only deal with ethical companies who help you with digital marketing and they only concentrate on building quality and relevant links to your website. This ensures that the links to your website are value added for the visitors on other people’s websites, hence you will only be rewarded heavily by Google search engine algorithm.
  3. You will be able to see results faster than your competitors as a consequence of keeping to ethical backlinking methods.
  4. You never have to worry about any Google search engine changes because your website is truly legitimate, and is a great experience for your web visitors.
  5. You should consistently move up Google search engine results page rankings as long as you are still continuing your Singapore SEO services.

In short, working with the right Singapore SEO company will make all the difference in your business growth trajectory. Treat search engine optimization as your key online marketing strategy and work with that mentality. When you reach the top of Google search engine as a result of working with a competent Singapore SEO company, you will be thanking me then. So make sure to heed my advice.